Nus Salomo

Nus Salomo is an artist born in Medan, North Sumatra, 9 May 1967. He completed his studies in architecture at Bandung Institute of Technology and Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, USA. During his five-year stay in the US, he was much involved in the Hollywood entertainment industry as a concept artist, character/action figure designer, and sculptor. He also creates paintings, digital paintings, video, and installations.

His works employ science and modern technology not only as tools in art, but as important themes. Humans no longer stand outside of technology, but have accepted technology as part of themselves, like an unfinished metamorphosis. The results are half-humans, merged with motors, cyborgs, and a future ruled by machines.

His most recent exhibitions were “Deus ex Machina”, Ark Galerie, Jakarta (2009); “Nus the Cybernaut”, O House Gallery, Jakarta (2008); and “the Post- Human”, Galeri Lontar, Jakarta (2006). Meanwhile, he has participated in many group exhibitions, including “What Pictures Want to Say”, Art:1 Art Space, Jakarta (2012); “Ekspansi”, Indonesian National Gallery, Jakarta (2011); “PMR Cube: Contemporary Culture Interplay”, Sampoerna Strategic Square, Jakarta (2011), Indonesian National Gallery, Jakarta (2010), and “Manifesto”, Indonesian National Gallery, Jakarta (2008); 12th Jakarta Biennale, Taman Ismail Marzuki, Jakarta (2006); and “Texture of the Real”, Ark Galerie, Jakarta (2005).

Simpangan 2012