Samuel Indratma

Samuel Indratma was born in a town in Central Java, 22 December 1970. Between 1990—1996, he studied Graphic Art at the Indonesian Art Institute, Yogyakarta. He established Apotik Komik (Comics Apothecary) in 1997, and headed it until 2005. In the same year, he became one of the founders of Yogyakarta Mural Forum. Together with Apotik Komik, he made Yogyakarta into a mural-friendly city. His first project with Apotik Komik was “Melayang” (lit. Floating), then “Sakit Berlanjut” (lit. Lasting Illness, 1999), “Alternative Space” (2000), and the mural project of Lempuyangan Flyover (2002). Meanwhile, “Mural Blues”, Via Via Kafe Kembara (1997), was his first solo exhibition, and “Agro Metal”, Tembi Contemporary, Yogyakarta (2010) was his most recent solo exhibition. Meanwhile, his latest group exhibition was “We Are Now Open”, at Garis Artspace, Yogyakarta (2011). He participated in a 2-month residency program at Clarion Alley Mural, San Francisco, USA (2003), and ArtPlay residency program in Melbourne and Tasmania, Australia (2007).

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