Serrum is an art-based organization in Jakarta. The word is derived from the word “serrum” or share and room which means "shared space". Serrum was founded in 2006 by MG Pringgotono, Arif Kurniawan, Arief Rachman, M. Sigit Budi S, JJ Adibrata, Gunawan Wibisono, and RM Herwibowo. Currently the organization Serrum has 22 members. Serrum focuses on socio-political issues, the urban background and education in accordance with their alma mater in teacher education in the Department of Fine Arts, State University of Jakarta. Through art projects, exhibitions, workshops, discussions, and propaganda campaigns, Serrum has produced various trends such as video works, murals, graphics, comics, installations, and media education. In addition to art, they have undertaken social activities such as a foster parents program and conducting workshops in schools to teach art to children, either formally or informally.