10 Perupa Perempuan

April 03 - 17, 2009,
10:00 am - 07:00 pm
Galeri Salihara

In commemoration of International Women.s Day (8 March) and Kartini Day (21 April), Komunitas Salihara organizes several events on women issues. Strating with the dancer-theater Gathik Ginding (Crashing and Rolling) by Sahita Group on March 2009, the series of programs titled Six Weeks of Women Artist as its first program in April.

This exhibition was based on several years of observation. It is noted that the works of Indonesian female artists have in recent years been undergoing an exciting dynamics and received a great deal of attention from the media as have never happened before. The exhibit will try, more or less, to describe this new reality.
The exhibition will feature paintings, sculptures, objects, and installation works  by ten mos prominent Indoneisan female artist . Arahamiani, Astari, Ay Tjoe Christine, Ayu Arista Murti, Dolorosa Sinaga, Mella Jaarsma, Theresia Agustina, Titarubi, Wara Anindyah and Yani Mariani . whose works have received much critical attention in the past decade. The curators have also have also invited a number of women writers with various background . journalists, novelists, essayists, and curators . to write from their different angels about the works in this exhibiton.