Exhibition of Norwegian Women Artists Works

Extensive—The Other Side

February 08 - 28, 2015,
11:00 am - 22:00 pm
Galeri Salihara

Extensive—The Other Side exhibits artworks from four contemporary Norwegian women artists. These artworks come from a country surrounded by high mountains and long coastlines. There is a kind of “artistic isolation” that makes their artworks very interesting. There are global issues, besides the local contents, portrayed with the distinctive artistic sensitivity of the artists.

Ingeborg Annie Lindahl, for instance, through a bird’s eye perspective, exhibits a volcanic mountain landscape using white chalk on blackboards. Meanwhile, Mona Nordaas re-highlights the concept of “metamorphosis” by redefining everyday rubbish as artworks.

Gitte Saetre screens a performance video about a “cleaning” job that conveys a strong political message and challenges the viewers’ involvement. Meanwhile, Anne Knutsen reflects on how agriculture is under the threat of climate change.

Supported by Norwegian Embassy Jakarta