Exhibition of works from the 2013 Salihara

Kemenparekraf’s National Competition for Three-Dimensional Works: In Between

February 09 - 28, 2014,
03:00 pm - 08:00 pm
Galeri Salihara

This exhibition presents works by the winners and shortlisted artists from the 2013 Salihara-Kemenparekraf’s National Competition for Three-Dimensional Works. The three main winners will also be exhibiting two of their past works, showing their creative development. There are no less than 31 three-dimensional works from 25 young artists hailing from different parts of Indonesia.

The judges view that the works in this exhibition—especially those by the main winners and the judges’ picks—have fulfilled the competition’s criteria. Their works demonstrate not only an innate understanding of three-dimensional vocabulary and clear ideas, but also an ability to transcend common principles in sculpture—thus the use of “three-dimensional” to describe the nature of these exhibited works. They use diverse materials, and the subject matters being explored here seem boundless.

The exhibition marks the most recent development in the world of three-dimensional works in Indonesia. They are young artists who have demonstrated great potential to become notable figures in the future. They skillfully develop the tension between creativity and art tradition growing around them.