Artist: Natisa Jones (Bali)
Visual Art

July 01 - 26, 2018,
11:00 AM
Salihara Gallery

Exhibition:01-26 Juli 2018

Exhibition schedule
Tuesday-Sunday: 11:00AM-20:00 PM
Mondays & Public Holidays: Closed


Grotesk is an exhibition showing Natisa Jones's explorations of the variety of media/materials that help build her art. Not only paintings and drawings, this exhibition also features installation works. We will oftentimes encounter little explosions of humor, as well as things that are unintentionally funny and quite human. Everything comes across quite natural and original, straight from the world of youths and the daily problems they face.

As part of Indonesia's new generation of artists, Natisa Jones uses daily realities of youth and young women as her launch pad. Through her works, expresses her personal experiences with clever quips and a bit of grumbling, or as they say it here: nyeletuk and ngedumel. Formally trained in painting at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (Melbourne, Australia), she graduated in 2011. She has chosen Bali as her base.