December 19, 2018 - March 31, 2019


Held since 2013, the three-yearly Kompetisi Karya Trimatra Salihara runs its third edition with the theme Speed/Laju that has three meanings. First, the rapid change occurring within the art landscape itself, which is no longer linear in nature: art has reached the ‘end of art’’; it can now become ‘whatever’ even as it discovers new techniques, media, and discourses. Secondly, the revolutionary push of science and technology, the ‘creative destruction’ that occurs whenever someone formulates reality in a novel way. Thirdly, the extreme and rapid change of our living environment, and climate change in particular, that eats away at humankind’s existence, a reality that many people around the world are still unaware of.


Participants are encouraged to interpret the three meanings of Speed/Laju above, freely and subtly.



1.  Indonesian nationals, no more than 35 years old on 31 December 2019.

2.  Employees of Komunitas Salihara and members of the Jury are not eligible to enter the competition.

3.  First, Second, and Third Place winners from 2013 and 2016 Kompetisi Karya Trimatra Salihara are not eligible for participation in the current competition.



1.  The Organizer will only accept new works never before submitted to other competitions or exhibitions.

2.  Entrants are allowed to submit a maximum of 2 (two) works.

3.  Entrants are allowed to choose/use their own desired medium, but must not contain substances that can melt, rot, evaporate or other substances considered dangerous.

4.  Entrants must also submit a description and conceptual explanation of their work(s).

5.  Work(s) must not exceed 70 x 70 x 70 centimeters.



Entrants must submit the following documents:

  1. Design drawing(s) or photograph of work(s) showing at least four sides of the work(s) in question. Each image file must be a minimum of 200 dpi.

  2. A complete description about the work(s) or intended work(s): title, dimensions, media, description, and concept. Please include other information or description as necessary.

  3. Personal bio (curriculum vitae), copy of ID document (KTP or Passport).

  4. Work design documents as above must be received by the Organizers by 31 March 2019, 11.59 pm WIB, at the latest, through the email [email protected].



  1. Works will be judged anonymously. The Jury will not be able to access creators’ names or personal details during the judging process.

  2. First round of jurying will be held in April 2019 and a maximum of 50 (fifty) designs will be shortlisted.

  3. Shortlisted entrants must send their original three-dimensional works to the Organizers by 05 July 2019 at the latest.

  4. The second round of jurying will choose the final 25 works. First, Second, and Third Place winners will be chosen from among the 25 works.

  5. Finalist works—including First, Second, and Third Place works—will be exhibited at Galeri Salihara in September 2019.




IDR35,000,000 + Residency



IDR20,000,000 + Residency



IDR15,000,000 + Residency


·       The Organizers will be responsible for the settlement of prize taxes.

·       Komunitas Salihara claims ownership of works by first, second, and third place winners.