Nasirun’s Solo Exhibition

Scrap Art

November 03 - 25, 2012,
11:00 am - 08:00 pm
Galeri Salihara

For Nasirun, collecting invitations for various art events is a unique pleasure of its own. However, he does not just collect. Since 2008, he has painted on these invitations. He creates his paintings based on the patterns and pictures that are already there. He enters into a dialog with the pictures on these invitations, by supplementing or replacing pictures that do not meet his preferences. There are now around a thousand of those paintings created on these invitations. This is the first time they are being exhibited, and visitors will be able to see them in their entirety.

Nasirun's art is deeply influenced by Javanese Islamic traditions. On his canvases, one can see not only traces of wayang kulit (shadow puppets), supernatural beings and calligraphy, but also expressive brushstrokes that illustrate forms and distort them. Since the late nineties, his works have become highly sought-after by collectors inIndonesiaandSouth-East Asia.

Nasirun completed his art education at the Art Faculty, ISI Yogyakarta (1994). One of his many solo exhibitions was Salam Bekti (Expressions of Respect), Sangkring Artspace,Yogyakarta(2009). He was finalist at the 2007 Philip Morris Award.