New Art Exhibition

Hijacking TV

August 06 - 21, 2011
Galeri Salihara

Television.controlled by political and corporate powers.has shaped and constructed the reality, behavior and cultural identity of society until a generation has emerged that interprets it in various ways: awareness of making a cultural distance, questioning, seducing, criticizing, intervening, reflecting, and even offering a solution.

The emergence of this new generation of video makers shows the close connection between advances in media technology with television culture in Indonesia through three main issues: developments in technology, the historical relationship between the information politics of television with the development of video art, and the emergence of a generation of the makers of video works who are under 30 years old.who are a generation .brought up. by television culture. The cultural position practiced by these video makers is opposite from the group in society who interpret television technology only as something to consume, as entertainment or lifestyle.

As a survey and mapping of video works, this Exhibition of New Art hopes to be able to offer data, information, and inspiration to a broader public about strategies for living alongside television media technology in a healthy way, and to understand its links with political and corporate/market powers.