Site Spesific Art Installation

Visual Art

August 04, 2018 - September 09, 2018,
11:00 AM

For SIPFest 2018, we have invited three young visual artists to respond to Komunitas Salihara’s exterior spaces in the form of art works. They have developed unique visual ideas into a trio of three-dimensional works that follow the conditions and contours of Komunitas Salihara’s exterior spaces.

At the front of the complex, visitors will be able to enjoy Krisgatha Achmad’s neon installation, There’s Never a Forever Things. Under the stairs leading up to Teater Salihara, we will encounter Mneme by Meliantha Muliawan—myriad personal objects colored with acrylic paints and pieces of canvas covered in clear resin. For Salihara Annex area, Gabriel Aries has built Personifikasi, an installation which lights up in the dark thanks to a network of LEDs and solar-sensitive sensors.

Each of these artists has certainly made a name for themselves in the art world. Krisgatha Achmad actively contributes to the development of Indonesia’s creative industry. Meliantha Muliawan recently won the Young Artist Award at ARTJOG 2018 for one of her latest artworks. Meanwhile, Gabriel Aries have created artworks for public spaces in Jakarta and Bandung.