Creative Thinking and Writing Class


June 03, 2017 - September 03, 2017,
01:00 PM
Salihara Lobby

Mentor: Ayu Utami
June 03-04, 10-11;
July 08-09, 15-16, 22-23, 29-30;
August 05-06, 12-13, 19-20, 26-27;
September 03, 2017

Public: IDR2.500.000

Student: IDR1.500.000

Register at by Friday, June 02, 2017

The ability to think creatively is crucial to any profession, and creative writing is one of the best exercises for it. Participants will receive materials on literary skills, and learn about interesting literary helpers like Tarot cards.

Level 1 (Saturday) introduces participants to creative attitudes. Participants will receive pointers on how to cultivate ideas even during writer's block. Some of the writing devices to be discussed are Empat Pola Pikir (Four Thinking Patterns), Empat Model Makna (Four Models of Meaning), Cilukba (Peekaboo). Participants will learn to write short stories using different models in each session. Good stories will be collected and jointly published.

Level 2 (Sunday) will help participants to prepare long-form writing (novel, book, or film script). Participants will learn to create structure and plot, develop certain parts of their manuscript, choose the right tone of language, research and add substance to a text. Participants will learn several writing devices, such as Lima Mekanisme Pikir (Five Mechanisms of Thought), Kunci 3 T (The Three Ts), Langkah 1-2-3 (Steps 1-2-3). This class now welcomes everyone from any background, but it will be more effective if you have participated in Level 1 classes before, or if you have prior writing experience.

Participants will receive the book Menulis & Berpikir Kreatif Cara Spiritualisme Kritis by Ayu Utami. Ayu Utami has received many regional and international awards for her literary works. She has also led or mentored storytelling classes in Austria and India.

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