VisualLaboratory: Dimensional Morphology

Facilitator: Melissa Sunjaya

November 04, 2017 - December 23, 2017
Salihara Lobby

Dimensional Morphology is a modular and systematiclearning programsstructured for the emerginggeneration, allowing creativepractitioners to experimentwith visual elements inorder to research, analyze,and decode the varyingtransformations which occurin our daily lives.

Melissa Sunjaya has received distinguished recognition forher entrepreneurial achievements as the founding artist ofTULISAN, a label specializing in collectible artist-illustratededitions. Through this community-based brand, she hasbuilt a visionary guild manifesting various whimsical artprojects from The New East Indies (her perspective of thenew generation from Indonesia), based on her writings,illustrations, and design.



Visual Elements andDesign Principles

Typography and Grid System

Visual Storytelling

Legal and Ethics In Design

Final Exhibition

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