Ticket Purchase and Event Registration


These Terms and Conditions apply for the purchase of all tickets and registration for events held by Komunitas Salihara, via website, telephone, email or purchases and registration undertaken directly at the Salihara box-office.  These Terms and Conditions can change from time to time without prior notice.

1. Visitors are required to know the audience age limits set by Komunitas Salihara for each event.  Komunitas Salihara is not responsible for the results of what may be viewed by audience members under the set age limit.

2. Komunitas Salihara maintains the right to refuse the exchange or purchase of a student category ticket if the person purchasing the ticket cannot show a valid identity card.  (The educational levels included in the student category are elementary school through S1 university students.)

3. Performance tickets may not be resold in commercial packages or with a higher price, or used as advertisements, promotion and other commercial purposes without a written agreement from Komunitas Salihara.  If a ticket that has been sold violates this condition, the ticket holder will be refused entrance.

4. Ticket purchases via Komunitas Salihara’s website can be done up to one (1) day before the show; or up to the immediate Friday before the event, if it falls on Sunday or Monday. Remaining tickets will be available to purchase at Salihara’s ticket box, which will be open prior to each show. (Please consult the FAQ page, ‘Ticket Box Opening Time’).

5. For payments made via bank transfer, a confirmation of transfer must be given [by the purchaser] within the next 24 hours. Payments that are more than 24 hours after ordering will be considered invalid. We regret that we cannot provide refunds for invalid payments.

6. Automatic transfer feature is only available from 09:00 AM to 03:00 PM, Monday to Friday. This feature will not be available during public holidays, weekends, or Salihara’s normally closed days. At these times, please use other payment methods.

7. Order confirmation will be sent once a successful transaction is complete, or on the next working day. If you have not received any email confirmation after 2 x 24 hours, please contact or +62-8170-771-913 for assistance.

8. Ticket purchaser(s) must be able to produce order confirmation in the form of an email or printed email when collecting ticket(s) at Komunitas Salihara’s ticket box. We reserve the right to refuse redemptions without a valid order confirmation.

9. Komunitas Salihara does not provide refunds for any mistakes made during the ordering process or a non-attendance. Tickets cannot be exchanged with tickets to other events, or with tickets to the same event but on a different time and/or date. Exceptions are:

  • Credit/debit card has been charged but transaction is unsuccessful.
  • Credit/debit card is double charged.

If you encounter a problem relating to the two exceptions above, please refer to our FAQs page. The wait-time for each refund depends on the issuing bank, but will usually take around 14 working days.

10. Komunitas Salihara maintains the right to refuse visitors or ticket holders who do not come on time or come after an event has begun.  Notice of the restriction on being late will be sent by Komunitas Salihara via email or SMS at the latest 3 hours prior to the start of an event.

11. For free events, Komunitas Salihara is not responsible if no seats remain available for visitors who come without prior registration or without confirmation of registration sent by Komunitas Salihara.

12. Camera, video and sound recording is not allowed in the Komunitas Salihara performance space.  Audience members are also not allowed to bring food or drinks into the performance space.

13. Visitors come to Komunitas Salihara at their own risk.  Komunitas Salihara is not responsible for losses, damage or injuries which arise from pre-existing medical conditions or due to violation of these Terms and Conditions.