Hiroshi Koike Bridge Project

Pappa TARAHUMARA is a performing arts company founded by the director, Hiroshi Koike in 1982. What makes Pappa TARAHUMARA as distinctive and extraordinary from the others is their flexibility and synergetic method of their creative process.

They utilized dance, play, music, and art as to present theatre arts, and attracted many audiences and recognized internationally. Various talented artists were gathered at Pappa TARAHUMARA to create extraordinary works for 30 years.

After the big earthquake on 11th March 2011, under the necessity of paradigm conversion, he dissolved Pappa TARAHUMARA and launched Hiroshi Koike Bridge Project in order to create a bridge between the world, the time and the culture as an art project, which takes place in Japan and in many countries.Pappa TARAHUMARA Koike Bridge Project


・Hiroshi Koike

Director, Choreographer, Writer, Photographer, the President of P.A.I. (Performing Art Institute). Graduated from Hitotsubashi University. He started to run a performing arts company, “Pappa TARAHUMARA”, in 1982. He has directed 55 pieces, toured 35 countries and worked with many artists in many countries and established high reputation throughout the world. He held a lot of important posts in various committees such as Artistic Director of Tsukuba Cultural Foundation (1997~2005), Chair of the Asian Performing Artists’ Forum in Okinawa, Specified Donation appointed member of Japan Foundation (2004~2011)

・Yanobe Kenji (Stage Sets and Objects)

Born in 1965. Graduated from Kyoto City Art University. He has created numerous big machine sculptures which have various functions, and they have been getting high reputations from all over the world. Now he is one of the most famous modern artists in Japan. He made stage sets and objects of “Guliver and Swift” of Pappa TARAHUMARA.  Official Home Page

・Koji Hamai (Costumes)

Born in 1964. A fashion designer. Graduated from BUNKA FASHION COLLEGE. In 1987, he got the 61st SOUEN award. In 1991, He won the prize of international textile design contest “Fashion Advancement Fund”, and created his own business. In 2006, he launched “Ultra Hamai Design Office” and keep widening his appeal in the world. He made the costumes of “Archaeology of MACBETH”, “WD”, “Birds on Board” of Pappa TARAHUMARA. Official Home Page

・outsect(Kazushi Kobayashi / Sayaka Kai)(Costumes)

The artist & fashion designer, Kazushi Kobayashi and the movie director & art director Sayaka Kai launched this outsect project in order to connect art and fashion. Their activity is in the spirit of no constraint of ready made genres, and persistent, beyond the times. They made costumes of “Guliver and Swift”, “Tokyo Buenos Aires Letter Exchange”, “PappaTARAHUMARA’s CINDERELLA”, “Punk Don Quixote” etc of Pappa TARAHUMARA. Official Home Page


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