Our Donors and Sponsors

Our Donors and Sponsors

What Your Donation Can Do

Please support Salihara Arts Center so it can remain a space for rich artistic and intellectual expressions on both national and international level!

Your support helps Salihara Arts Center to nurture art, science, and knowledge through art-oriented programs and educational activities. You will help support artists who perform their works with us, and help us conscientiously exercise our freedom of thought and expression.

Your contribution is valuable to the continuation of our activities. Thank you!

How to Give Support

Individual Support

Your individual contribution helps a community!

Any amount goes a long way to sustaining the activities at Salihara Arts Center. You will be supporting the artists and art practitioners who work with us [in our projects].

There are two types of individual donations:

One-time Support
A one-time donation to support Salihara Arts Center programs, such as our online presentations and Stay A(r)t Home online contents.
To make a one-time contribution, please contact..

Routine Support
Your monthly donation will ensure the continuation of our programs. It will help cover artists’ production costs, online content production, archiving, and other educational programs.

To set up your support, please contact:
Dwinita Puspitasari
Grants Officer Salihara


Organizational Support (for Foundations, Institutions, and Corporations)

Salihara Arts Center is a multidisciplinary art center focusing on art activities and educational programs. We regularly welcome thousands of visitors and audiences, and have a significant level of online engagement. As a sponsor of Salihara Arts Center, your organization will take part in nurturing the freedom of thought and expression through art and ideas, and expand your brand’s reach and exposure. By matching your organization’s vision and mission with our program aims, we may be able to build a mutually beneficial sponsorship or cooperation scheme.

To begin exploring possible sponsorship packages or cooperative programs with Salihara Arts Center, please contact our Grants Officer:
Dwinita Puspitasari

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